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Top 10 Emerging Pharma Outsourcing Companies - 2021


Over the past decade, more and more pharma and biotech companies have turned to CROs, CMOs, and CDMOs to assist in the R&D, pre-formulation, and manufacturing of their latest innovations. Outsourcing is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and most of the spending is focused on early development, with around two-thirds of annual expenditure being outsourced. The industry’s high profit margins make it an easy target for healthcare companies to squeeze them on costs and reimbursement. Aside from costs, one of the significant reasons many pharma companies choose to outsource their R&D and manufacturing is to access technologies that are not available in-house.

Outsourcers can also offer a higher agility level, which is just not possible within large biopharma organizations. Today, CDMOs have become a vital part of the drug development and manufacturing process, with most small and medium-sized enterprises and an increasing number of big pharma relying on outsourced services. CDMOs are expected to quickly respond to new emerging challenges, particularly as drug development campaigns become increasingly complex. Besides, with complexity comes a greater need for CDMOs to provide effective process solutions as well as services and rapid innovation for delivering all of the new and sophisticated drug products. In order to attain these higher standards, CDMOs must be technologically progressive and flexible, combining professionals from multiple disciplines to actively discover solutions that increase the overall efficiency of their projects.

The CDMO landscape is continuing to perform strongly with growth ahead of the underlying market, leading to increasing market penetration. With a positive M&A environment, substantial ongoing investments, and attractive forecast growth, the industry’s future remains very positive. Highlighting these new developments in the pharmaceutical landscape, Pharma Tech Outlook has compiled a list of leading pharma outsourcing companies that are at the top of their game. The enlisted organizations are transforming the pharmaceutical manufacturing and development processes at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CXOs.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Emerging Pharma Outsourcing Companies - 2021”

    Emerging Pharma Outsourcing Companies

  • A nimble CDMO that helps clients through a synergy between manufacturing and R&D. Avéma Pharma Solutions offers integrated, turnkey, end-to-end solutions for liquid and solid dose Rx and OTC products—from concept to product development to commercialization, all the way through FDA approvals. With a unique focus on small batches and short turnaround times, Avéma’s method can allow for more characterization of the process to support the FDA’s mandate on quality by design and can help reduce FDA review time

  • The cloud-based Clinical Maestro platform budgets, sources and manages clinical studies with greater precision, accuracy, speed and insight

  • Visikol is a contract research services company specializing in drug discovery solutions, including 3D cell culture assays and tissue imaging steps in to provide a portfolio of drug discovery, preclinical and clinical research services for its clients. With their multiplex immunofluorescence imaging platform, Visikol is making huge impacts in cancer research, drug development, and diagnostics. Visikol’s tissue imaging and advanced cell culture assay services are widely used for assessing the efficacy and toxicity of a drug in discovery and development

  • Biopeptek Pharmaceuticals

    Biopeptek Pharmaceuticals

    Biopeptek Pharmaceuticals was founded with vision of improving human life through a dedication to high-quality peptides in research, discovery and clinical innovation, made possible through cutting-edge science and technology. Our specialization in custom peptide manufacturing, our understanding of the science and discovery process, and our commitment to GMP standards differentiate us from the competition. With the state-of-the-art facility and an experienced and professional management and scientific team, with more than 40 years of experience in peptide synthesis, we are able to offer peptide products to our partners with a high degree of satisfaction. In fact, our scientists will continue to work with you to ensure your project is successful

  • DZS Clinical Services

    DZS Clinical Services

    Not your typical CRO, DZS Clinical Services integrates seamlessly into your operations anywhere you need us. From strategic clinical direction, to end-to-end trial management, DZS has just what you need to maximize efficiencies in your clinical trials. Our e-clinical technology, DZS Insight Platform, streamlines your clinical trials with high quality, strong communication, data visualization and risk assessment capabilities. Based in the US, we also have a global presence as a subsidiary of WDB Holdings with locations in Finland, Baltic Area, Japan and India

  • Excelsior Solutions

    Excelsior Solutions

    Cutting-edge expert with the resources to manage your pharmacy program effectively, contain cost, and be accountable for the results. We are the next generation; we are the solution. We’re the fair and impartial mediator between health plans, self-funded employers, TPAs and other payers and their PBM firms

  • Origin Bioanalytical Laboratory

    Origin Bioanalytical Laboratory

    Origin Bioanalytical Laboratory is a contract research organization (CRO) for small molecule LC-MS/MS analysis of pharmaceutical compounds in tissues and biological fluids. Origin's services include method development, method validation, method qualification, non-GLP sample analysis, GLP sample analysis and Clinical sample analysis. We specialize in ocular tissue and fluid method development and sample analysis. Origin is located in the Sacramento area and its employees have extensive experience in regulated bioanalysis. Our scientists are dedicated to providing reliable data with excellent customer service and rapid turnaround time

  • Sterling Pharmaceutical Services

    Sterling Pharmaceutical Services

    Sterling Pharmaceutical Services LLC is a full-service pharmaceutical contract manufacturer and formulation development company founded in 2005 by former industry executives. We were determined to fulfill the need for a turnkey solution to pharmaceutical manufacturing by coupling proven R&D activities with accurate manufacturing processes. At Sterling, our DEA (C2-C5) and FDA certified facilities have the capacity to handle new drug entities, technology transfers, and scale-ups in one-centralized location from concept to commercialization. It is through our continuous commitment to confidentiality and timeliness that has allowed us to build not only a commercial partnership, but a relationship with our clients. With an emphasis on process optimization and an understanding of our clients need, Sterling has help guide over 400 products into the market, including NDAs, ANDAs, OTC, and Nutritional Supplements

  • Tioga Research

    Tioga Research

    Tioga Research supports the research and early development (“R&eD”) of skin-applied formulations, including topical & transdermal drugs, and prestige cosmetic & beauty care products. We have particular strengths in formulation innovation and skin permeation screening. A contract research organization (“CRO”), we deliver R&D services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, personal & beauty care clients worldwide. Tioga Research is a ‘pure play’ CRO. We do not pursue our own end formulation products; every formulation product program we undertake is with an external client or partner

  • tranScrip


    tranScrip supports the development and lifecycle activities of biopharmaceutical products by providing a range of specialist professional services to pharma and biotech companies. There has been a revolution in therapeutics development in the last decade and tranScrip has kept itself on the crest of that wave by growing our R&D capabilities to match clients’ needs. To ensure new and essential medicines are brought to the market effectively, our drug development teams actively seek innovative, de-risked pathways that address the hurdles standing between our clients and success. Our clients directly benefit from tranScrip’s strategic insights, innovative approaches and expert support across all aspects of drug development, from translational medicine through to registration and lifecycle management, worldwide. tranScrip is a global leader in the Specialist Service Sector, supporting clients from Europe, North America and Asia, with head offices operating from the UK